Verified Croatian language proficiency tests

If you are a third-country national applying for Croatian permanent residency, you are required to pass the Croatian language proficiency test (B1 level) in an assessment centre accredited by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

At Institut Prvi korak, you can take this verified test that consists of the following sections:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammatical structures
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Individual courses

Attend Croatian courses individually! Benefit from tailored lessons to your needs and get the desired result faster!

Advantages of individual lessons are:

  • Faster retention (it is possible to cover the planned curriculum in 50% of the time necessary for group classes)
  • No limitations in the number of classes and your progress rate
  • Complete compatibility between class materials and your objectives
  • Maximal flexibility when selecting class times
  • Textbook and all class materials included in the price

This course is ideal for you if you:

  • have limited time available to study Croatian
  • want to focus your learning on a specialised subject area such as business, marketing or tourism
  • are preparing to take Croatian language proficiency test for legal, studying or other purposes
  • want to improve your confidence in using Croatian language skills

A1 and A2 Group courses

Croatian for Foreigners A1 and A2 courses are intended for all interested attendees whose mother tongue is not Croatian and who would like to get a basic knowledge of the Croatian language. The courses will enable attendees to master the Croatian language norm, to understand speech and written text, spoken interaction and production, as well as texts written in the standard Croatian language about familiar topics and everyday situations.

Each course consists of two modules and each module consists of 70 teaching hours in the duration of 12 weeks. Available courses are:

  • Croatian for Foreigners A1.1
  • Croatian for Foreigners A1.2
  • Croatian for Foreigners A2.1
  • Croatian for Foreigners A2.2