A1 and A2 Group courses

Croatian for Foreigners A1 and A2 courses are intended for all interested attendees whose mother tongue is not Croatian and who would like to get a basic knowledge of the Croatian language. The courses will enable attendees to master the Croatian language norm, to understand speech and written text, spoken interaction and production, as well as texts written in the standard Croatian language about familiar topics and everyday situations.

Each course consists of two modules and each module consists of 70 teaching hours in the duration of 12 weeks. Available courses are:

  • Croatian for Foreigners A1.1
  • Croatian for Foreigners A1.2
  • Croatian for Foreigners A2.1
  • Croatian for Foreigners A2.2


If you are a non-beginner, for enrolment in Individual Croatian course, it is necessary to attach a language certificate (not older than 2 years) of a completed level or module. If you do not have this certificate, a written test and an interview will be organized free of charge, so you can be assigned to the appropriate group.

The courses include basic conversation situations (meeting people, socializing, travelling, shopping, eating out) and more advanced skills like reading newspapers, translating and discussing Croatian history and culture.


Documents needed:

  • application form (Click here)
  • copy of identity card
  • for non-beginners, a certificate of proficiency in Croatian language at a lower level or module has to be attached or a verified test taken at Institut Prvi korak.
  • copy of secondary school diploma or university diploma as an evidence of the completed secondary or university education

Please send  the required documents to or contact us for more information.

Course fee:  

320 EUR per module (available installment plan: 4 x 80 EUR)