Verified Croatian language proficiency tests

If you are a third-country national applying for Croatian permanent residency, you are required to pass the Croatian language proficiency test (B1 level) in an assessment centre accredited by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

At Institut Prvi korak, you can take this verified test that consists of the following sections:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammatical structures
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Verified test fee: 130 EUR


If you are applying for the language proficiency test needed for permanent residency purposes (level B1), it is necessary to attach a language certificate (not older than 2 years) of a completed A2 level. If you do not have this certificate, a written test and an interview will be organized free of charge. In case you do not qualify for B1 level test, we advise you to enroll in our individual Croatian coursesuited to your needs prior to taking the exam.

Documents needed:

  • application form (Click here)
  • copy of identity card
  • a certificate of proficiency in Croatian language at level A2.2 has to be attached or a test taken at Institut Prvi korak.
  • copy of secondary school diploma or university diploma as an evidence of the completed secondary or university education

Please send  the required documents to or contact us for more information.